Hello there, my name is Bjørn and I have created this blog to share the perception of neutral and loving observation. As the turmoil of humanity seems to increase, it is quite possible to see that we need to address how the energy of fear filters our reality, how we have identified with it, and how we can start to reverse this process of negativity. Peace becomes a reality when we take responsibility for our perceptions and our energetic condition. Humans do not hesitate to heal their fearful energy because fear has any real power, but we hesitate due to our identification with fear and negativity.

It feels very good to communicate with people from the core of my expression. When I was younger I could not find a way to communicate, which felt authentic and loving. Words did not convey what I wanted to say, neither did particular angles of philosophy, metaphysics or spirituality. Something happened whenever I attempted to reach out, it was like the communication was distorted in some manner, and in the end I felt forced to adapt to the culture that surrounded me. What I did not realize then was that the cultures of humanity have been filtered through illusion, which produces the unconscious identification with sorrow. After a few years I found my way back to my core energy, and a big part of that is neutral observation. This is simply the perception of the energetic patterns that lurks behind the symbols, concepts and languages, through which we navigate our perceived realities. Anyone can do this effortlessly, but if there is negative debris in our mental and emotional bodies, it rather seems like we live in a gloomy world filled with endless, mysterious challenges, devoid of peace and love, no matter how intensely we search.