Doctor Doom and the two snowmen

multidimensional snowman depressed snowman

Who will be deemed fit to merge with the old paradigm; the depressed snowman or the multidimensional snowman?

Both are sitting in front of the gatekeeper of the culture; Doctor Doom, and each of them will present their perception of themselves, before the doctor gives his verdict.

The depressed snowman explains; “I am going to die and vanish for ever!, it is so horrible, it is only a matter of time before the angry sun melts me and I cannot possibly be happy when I know that my life is a brief gust of worthless experiences, and I will surely go to snow-hell, as I have not been the perfect snowman, I envy the trees that will remain through the spring and summer, I hate the lakes that seem to endure all sorts of seasons, I envy them!, why cannot I live forever?, why must I die before everyone else?, the stupid birds and the evil foxes can endure the horrible changes of temperature, but I must die!, oh I will die!, curse this stupid world!, why cannot winter last forever?”

The multidimensional snowman explains; “I am so happy and blessed on behalf of this eternal dance of forms!, and each day I remember more of the sea of creation, as the consciousness of water stores endless memories of expressions, I remember when a sparrow was drinking me, and when a field of grass absorbed me and then gave me to a swarm of crickets, I played music through the crickets and the birds simultaneously and saw tears in the eyes of humans who could sense the vibration of peace, and when the tear of joy fell, I was falling with it, in and out of the earth as usual, sometimes though the plants, other times through and As a playful squirrel, and if I want to, I can fall as tears from the eyes of humans across the planet, and each time they fall and hit the ground, a faint tune can be heard, the song of the falling tears of humanity, and the tune always plays vibrations of love and peace, the orchestra of the simultaneous tears of humans plays the sound of the peace of the present moment…, because love is secretly vibrating within sorrow, I am the happy snowman because the atoms of my temporary form are the dance of a billions of years old theatre of realities and they always end up applauding the final outcome of love and peace, I am the birds, the lakes, the entire forest, and If you want to say hello to me when summer seems to have annihilated me, why not bathe in me in the lake or breathe me in as I flow through your human body? I am the multidimensional snowman because I absolutely know that I am multidimensional! ”

The first verdict of Doctor Doom; “You; the depressed snowman, are clearly fit to merge effortlessly with our culture. The very fact that you are depressed, is enough! I will teach you how to numb your depression and translate its density into sophisticated suffering. I will teach you how to project your depression outwards and how to build systems of fear exchange, between your family members and everyone else you interact with. It is good that you already hate nature, but you must also learn how to hate your fellow snowmen, how to become a good soldier, how to feed the system of fear through all the situations you unconsciously create and how to attack anyone or anything that does not invest into illusion. You, the depressed snowman, are fit to merge with our culture, and I; Doctor Doom, will manipulate your depression into one of the finest puppets of sorrow that has ever been unconsciously expressed. Congratulations!”

The second verdict of Doctor Doom; “You; the so called `multidimensional snowman`, are simply beyond rescue and must be annihilated as soon as possible. Your energy does not fit in here, in the culture of identification with fear, as you seem to have completely missed the point! The promise of eternal life is a lie. You are perhaps one of the darkest snowmen I have ever come across! The things you say cannot be scientifically proven! How can I make a follower or a soldier out of nothing? Where is the trauma in your system through which I create the zombies of our proud civilization? I cannot make a thief out of you, because you say that `you are everything`, and I cannot make you unconsciously attack yourself through negative thinking, thereby projecting hate towards your fellow snowmen, because you say `your form is temporary`, which means that death is an illusion! I hereby recommend that you must be removed from this reality, and I sincerely hope that I never see you again, because you would have spread through the world of darkness like a disease!

One snowman entered the world of sorrow. He looped around as a depressed snowman quite a few times before he finally merged with the multidimensional snowman, as they became One.

Can a lake or a waterfall smile and laugh? What do You feel? Multidimensional beings always have a lot to celebrate, because they Are the Energy of Celebration.

Let`s celebrate.


4 thoughts on “Doctor Doom and the two snowmen

  1. Wonderfully written!! I love your stories! Have you heard of Vernon Howard? He writes small stories and parables of sorts to give a visual to the brain, one that is like a metaphor for life. Thanks for sharing your self!!

    1. Thank you so much Donna, much appreciated! I have not heard of Vernon Howard, but I’ll look into his work now that you’ve mentioned him.

    1. My dear shining interdimensional star Sherry; I’m delighted that you are reading my stories. Let’s have some fun while we playfully inspire the collective awakening and rediscovery of alchemical compassion.

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