The Sticky note man


You might have already guessed it; the sticky note man was an expert at taking notes of everything he seemed to encounter. He wrote extensively about walking, in fact, he could not even take one single step before he felt compelled to write a note about it. He was truly a meticulous and rather slow-moving entity. In the end both his legs were completely covered in sticky notes.

He also wrote extensively about his hands. How to hold a cup, how to catch a ball and how to pet a dog were all on his list of expertise, amongst many, many other things. Inevitably a point was reached when both his hands were completely covered with notes.

Slowly but surely the entire man was covered up. His eyes and ears became more and more clogged up with one sticky note on top of the other, gradually veiling his navigational abilities. One day his mouth was so clogged up with notes that not a sound could be heard anymore.

The sticky note man was from that moment on quite effectively blind, deaf and mute, but still regarded as the wisest man in that particular world. He had written it all down, how to live, to eat and sing, he had written about everything, and the other ones in that world simply followed his notes, without actually doing what was written. They simply read the notes and said; “now I have done it! “

After a certain amount of time that world became full of entities that neither drank or ate, they hardly moved around, except in a random manner, and they could barely speak. The few that mumbled were considered strange beings, because speaking and singing was a forgotten phenomenon. Every being would read the notes of their god, the sticky note man, and then they would stop functioning altogether!

A sad day came upon the world of notes when their god died. He had been sick for a while, but it was hard to tell because everyone was lifeless in that world anyway, so who could distinguish between the sick ones and the healthy ones?

The sticky note man then found himself in another world where other entities attempted to remove the notes from his eyes. “No! “, screamed the sticky note man, “please don`t hurt my eyes!” But after a while he got used to seeing again and one after another the sticky notes were removed from his body. The one previously known as `the sticky note man` was from that moment on referred to as `the man. `

The man was a little bit worried about the mess he had made in the world of notes. The entities that helped him remove the notes from his body assured him that he could return to that world and assist the process. A mystery was explained to him.

At first the man would teach how to take and read notes and be praised. Then he would come back and teach how to remove the notes and be persecuted. In the end every man, woman and child would be without sticky notes. “How is that possible?” asked the one previously known as the sticky note man. A happy child ran up to him and answered; “because the heart is already filled with all the notes you need.”





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