How to ensnare the mind of a `lightworker`


How to ensnare the mind of a `lightworker`

The label `lightworker` offers the potential of a description, but it is the energetic state of the human or group that determines the behaviour or the vibration, that operates behind the label or the concept of the `lightworker`.

One of the myths of the `lightworker` is that `they` are more sensitive than `others`, which points to the description of a child that senses more than the average child, senses the energies of people, locations or other dimensions more intensely than other children. This makes the child feel different, and as it has incarnated into generations riddled with blocks and energetic blindness, it is not encouraged to express the interconnectedness and communication with the other energetic facets of humanity.

The child will eventually shut down and deny its true expression to blend in with the blind culture and please its temporarily unconscious parents. When the human is seemingly older, not a child anymore, the denial of the child is still present in its frozen state, enveloped by what appears to be an adult form, ready to be parasitized through the channels of social media.

The repressed feeling of loneliness is channelled and recycled through social media groups, as lonely humans across the globe appear to connect with fellow `lightworkers`. As the repressed energy of separateness is still operating indirectly, but not really expressed, honoured, deeply acknowledged and processed, the false label of the `lightworker` is gladly accepted, as a new family of sensitive, misunderstood humans can gather and share their perceptions.

When a group of lonely humans interact through their social media avatars, the journey of deeply feeling the loneliness which can be processed and transmuted, is no longer necessary, because they have found a new family of special humans that share the same perceptions. They seem to have so much in common! They must surely have lived many lives together, shared many incarnations and journeys, and therefor know each other intimately through the essence of the soul, or the multidimensional spirit. Why is it then that their behaviour, vibration and communications does not reflect this sacred interconnectedness?

If their energetic state remains repressed and channelled into shallow social media families, labelled `lightworkers` or other labels of `specialness`, their communications and themes will directly or indirectly address what is perceived as `not special` or `the egoic humans that have mistreated us`.  The separation they unconsciously sense in themselves, as lonely individuals, is projected towards the ones that have `caused their pain`.

To redeem themselves of their inner judgement of being `too weird to fit onto their culture`, which is ultimately a form of self-judgement, they have upgraded their position in society through `spiritual titles`. This concept claims that they are `more spiritual` than their egoic parents, classmates and colleagues. They have confirmed this knowledge by uniting with their `family of lightworkers` and have replaced their biological family with hundreds, if not thousands of new family members, through social media groups.

As they have been reunited with their `spiritual family`, the interactions with their biological family is not as important as before, if not completely unnecessary, as far as being part of a cluster is concerned. The potentially fruitful and deeply transformative interactions with their biological family members are partly or totally disregarded, and the true processing of loneliness, separateness or other forms of fear is denied, which ultimately prolongs the frozen state of the inner child.

The frozen child wrapped in an adult avatar of unconsciousness will ultimately find an online `guru` or `spiritual master` that will function as a parent of sorts, that decides for them what to think and how to feel in specific situations, day to day challenges and even `who or what they essentially are`, perhaps another being altogether, an alien of sorts, an angel or perhaps a part of a `star family`.

When the lonely human has been offered a new family cluster and a new status, a new title, and has found a `master` who explains what to think and feel, the slave or the programmed robot has been completed. The core of the slave is the frozen inner child, that holds on to the trauma of being treated as a piece of soulless meat, the secondary layer is the false adult form that appears to be the master of its own reality. When this fragile persona is connected to the social media groups that programs the individual’s throughs, the sacrifice of the human being’s energy is fully channelled into a false spiritual matrix.

Life is finally devoid of challenges! There is no need to interact with those `less spiritual` biological family members, that continuously trigger the pains of repressed trauma. How wonderful it is to communicate with fresh family members, other `lightworkers` with whom to share spiritual quotes and criticize unconscious humans.

Lonely humans are still lonely regardless of the spiritual, metaphysical or religious concepts they dress up their frozen child with, the child that represents an open heart, intuition, creativity and playfulness.

As an increasing amount of people are ready to deeply feel, observe and honour the trauma of separateness, their vibration will exude authentic, heart-based communication and authentic compassion which will flow into the concept of the `lightworker` and establish effective tools and modules through social media platforms.

Ideas, concepts and systems of interconnectedness will be gradually restored in direct correspondence with the vibration of the individuals and groups that creates them.

Have you experienced the hollow interactions of an artificial family? If you wish, you can observe the inner loneliness that connected you to the distorted concepts, observe lovingly and share your experiences. Create a tool of observation through the transmutation of the repressed trauma of the inner child.

There was a time when we ensnared our minds and created shallow families. In the eternal moment of Now, we shall rediscover that we feel connected to all humans, our parents, friends and colleagues, our social media family and most importantly and essentially; totally connected to ourselves, in love with ourselves, pure non-judgement and self-love, exuded into all the systems of humanity.

Let us share the experiences of separateness as we merge through the multidimensional love of Oneness.


6 thoughts on “How to ensnare the mind of a `lightworker`

  1. Excellent!! You nailed it Bjorn! I have observed this sad situation in many lightworkers and it is easy to see how & why it happens. Very wise of you to bring it to the forefront so it can be looked at and healed.

  2. Very true and well written. On my blog I share about my own process with facing my feelings, observation and allowing. I am putting my pieces together from fragmentation, each piece carrying their own issues and feelings – lots of separation too. It’s a journey, but very true, when separation is faced – there is no need to “belong” to a group that may be in the light but not of it. Thanks for your words, really appreciated!!

    1. Thank you for sharing that Donna, it’s a wonderful boon to co-create tools of transmutation with a conscious being like you.

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