Parenting is not as simple as it used to be…

A daddy says to his child; “Oh, you are so cute and you look just like your father, you have my temperament and my good looks, in fact, it is almost like you are a copy of me! ha-ha! and you are going to be a lawyer just like your daddy, and you are going to like basketball and tennis too! oh what a wonderful boy you are!”

The child responds; “I am afraid your conventional, dark filters have played a trick on your mind Mr. Atkinson, as you have not uttered one single unfiltered word during our brief period of interactions.”

“I am not here for you to be my father, as I already have a father, that I AM, as the balanced masculine and feminine energies that makes up my energetic expression of oneness and conveys the rays of unconditional love.”

“I am here to inspire you to release yourself from the bonds of generational trauma, to teach you true communication and true parenting, which involves transcending the linear perception of parenting, as we are both father and child, child and father, two children and two grown up individuals simultaneously.”

“In some situations you will teach me, in other situations I will teach you, and through this dance of demonstration we will both potentially harvest the highest expression of our cooperation in this biological family cluster called ‘the Atkinsons’.

“Now, my first real request to you is to replace my current diapers with diapers that are made of hemp, as my butt is itching like hell!, and my second request is to stop moulding me into a puppet of your culture, as I AM a free, sovereign being that will consciously choose which concepts to play with at any given moment.”

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