The national exorcist and the eternal energy of the indigenous


What sort of energy lingers behind the flag of your nation? Does it speak about the power and triumph of slaughter? Does it draw up its borders carefully, looking angrily around for another enemy? Perhaps another sort of energy will linger behind the symbols and songs of your country in the future, conveying stories and teachings of conscious parenting, foods without poison and the loving, intimate relationship with other countries?

Darkness will not capture and coax the minds of the children of the national exorcist, like it did so very effectively through older generations.

Your country does not own the land it rests on, and no country or corporation will ever truly own the landscapes that lives on this planet. A country lives in coexistence with the nature of the place it rests and lives on. A country, like a person, cannot ever own anything, as nature can only be shared. You may test this theory by attempting to purchase an atom. The atom will not obey. It is alive through cycles and will happily be a part of your body, your blood, your bones or your eyes, but then, it travels from your body into the air, water, soil and it will always play with the sun, as it gives itself to and travels through an endless amount of bodies, through other humans, through trees and animals. So, you cannot own an atom, you can only share it. You cannot ever own anything that has ever existed and will ever exist, but the endless love of the universe will happily share the eternity of creation With you, As you and Through you.

This truth is the sole reason why the indigenous of all countries have been temporarily drowned in darkness. Murder, theft or lies will never quench the eternal truth of the sharing of love. The indigenous were not attacked because they were indigenous, they had to be destroyed because they represented the truth. This is the distorted logic of darkness as it must constantly manipulate the beings it parasites, to identify with fear and produce fear. The indigenous represented and still represents the loving, respectful sharing with the planet and our natural connection with spirit and our star lineage.

Darkness must destroy any link between humans and its birth right of multidimensional, loving and sharing coexistence with the planet and the entire universe. Only then can the perfect slave be made, the slave that defends the right to suffer and willingly consumes poisons and participates in wars. This slave will resurrect itself through conscious self-examination and the release of dense energetic blockages, and despite the attempted annihilation of the indigenous, it is the indigenous energy that will be one of the main forces to assist the slaves to heal themselves, consciously, without judgement.

The national exorcist will benefit greatly from the wisdom of the indigenous. This type of exorcist does not believe that darkness is an independent force that needs to be fought, rather than an energetic by-product of the unconscious identification with fear. The national exorcist is a human being of any age, gender or appearance, that is driven by its respectful and loving relationship with itself, not like the perfect slave, who guards its dense energy of self-judgement like it is a great treasure.

The national exorcist will have a natural, relaxed and open relationship with all humans, regardless of nationality or any other cultural label. In contrast; darkness must set up perceived groups against each other to recycle the collective and individual clouds of fear, that consists of negative and poisonous energy. The national exorcist will not necessarily attend gatherings and celebrations of particular historical dates, as the celebration of its country is the constant loving relationship with all humans, through daily interactions, rather than historical celebrations tinged by the death-energy of distorted politics and religion. The national exorcist knows very well that an unexpected hug or an unexpected, loving conversation with a person on a bus or in a supermarket, supersedes the shallow demonstrations of patriotism and flag bearing, as it is the core, loving energy of the human expression that determines the authenticity of it actions, and not the secondary interpretations of cultural symbols. The national exorcist will participate in defrosting the hearts of people through small acts of love, naturally, without being mentioned in historical records.

The national exorcist, like the indigenous, does not have any enemies, as they know so very well, that if the frozen heart of the perfect slave is defrosted, another national exorcist is born, ready to transform the country he or she lives in into a power station of loving wisdom, where all institutions will be transformed from tools of darkness into tools of light.

We are entering an era of peace.


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