Play with shadow and light to orient yourself


I usually just dim the light in my living room and then I place a candle on the floor. As I stand next to it, I can see my shadow on the wall, when I move my hand, it moves its hand. When I jump, it jumps too.

When I approach the candle, she shadow gets bigger. The more I approach the candle, the more the shadow grows. When I stand just beside the candle, right in line with it, the shadow disappears.

If you turn around and look at the shadow while you are standing very close to the light, the shadow seems very big and powerful. The simple thing is just to move ahead towards the light, without being paralyzed by the shadow. Do not focus on the shadow. It is just getting bigger as you advance towards the light.

Implement this pattern into your daily life and you will navigate effortlessly towards Love, without being too distracted by the apparent reality and power of the ego. If you turn around and look at the shadow, then judgements, doubt and sorrow will seem to drown your focus. You normalize the shadow into your daily life if you focus upon it.

Turn around and face the light, while you continue your path towards it. Then you normalize light into your daily life, as you advance towards it. You are advancing into Yourself, As the Light you always were. Do not stop, do not turn around, simply advance towards Yourself.


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