The processing of energetic prostitution

Neutral and loving observation

transmutation-of-energetic-prostitutionThe processing of energetic prostitution engineered through loneliness is adequate, and is being finished through `modern` concepts.

Many clusters of humans around the world have studied the illusion of loneliness within the rigid institutions of the false marriage, the false bondage between the male form and the female form. Within these cultural interpretations, the imprisonment is absolute, as the breaking of the contract of the marriage is unacceptable. The shame of being separated cannot be tolerated, and the potential of the termination of the bondage is desperately counteracted throughout the culture, through a myriad of mental, emotional and physical abuse.

Voluntary energetic prostitution within false marriages outnumber involuntary ones, vastly, because the unconscious roles of darkness are always searching for something to produce the escape of their inner, repressed feeling of loneliness. Some prostitute their inherent talents in order to be accepted by their partner and the new biological cluster…

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