You Are Christmas – celebrate yourself as you radiate the true energy of Christmas


This is so easy to forget, as the system of identification with fear coaxes us to stress and hurry through the preparation and the celebration of ourselves. The system of fear cannot feel relaxed, compassionate or magical, so it must feed on the temporary forms of things, decorations and foods to create a proper concealment, that covers up it miserable inner state. The celebrations with family members often involves guilt, which is translated into the idea of the `perfect Christmas gift`, because none of the family members must be disappointed, as if a thing, an object, can ruin the constant, eternal celebration of You, of the energy of love.

Fearful characters must find a way to decorate their miserable existence, that is why the scenery of the celebration of Christmas is exaggerated and involves stress and fear. “How can I cover up my miserable existence so that I can pretend to celebrate Christmas? “ Times of celebration can be very painful to characters of poverty, because these sorts of characters are energized by the energies of fear, loneliness, guilt and anger, not love, so the celebration of love is essentially meaningless to them, unless they can escape into materialism, lots of foods and alcohol, so they do not have to feel their pain as they celebrate love. This can be very confusing and draining.

To deeply, purely celebrate Christmas, you must celebrate yourself first, because you Are the energy of love that is being celebrated. The false art of giving and sharing, that has been distorted into materialism, will not heal you, nor will the decorations, foods or anything else, if you do not honour yourself first. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to celebrate fear. You can pretend, but why not rediscover how to celebrate yourself, as the true essence of Christmas?

Can you sense that you deserve a break? At least; some peace and quiet to rest and contemplate? Is it possible for you to say; “I have struggled this year, the world seems hard to live in, but I will stop judging myself for every little thing and give myself some peace.” Can you look at all the people rushing around to escape their inner condition as you say to yourself; “Wow! After studying the energies of stress and guilt for so long, people will surely love to anchor in peace and self-love again, I can see it manifesting in the near future, I can see more and more people smiling in the near future.”

The moment you have healed your relationship with yourself, you have become One, because the character of fear was transmuted into the loving energy of light. That means that you are a living Christmas-person. Automatically, through seeing yourself through the eyes of compassion, you exude the core energy of Christmas. This is the gift everyone is searching for, and it feels extra painful during the preparations and celebrations, when they have yet to be healed from the blockages of fear.

Can you forgive them? Most certainly! you absolutely can, because you have already understood yourself, and why you also suffered, as you repressed the fear that made the feeling of Christmas appear like a cheap lie. You can see that people are not materialistic and stressed because they are bad, they are simply searching for their inner Christmas energy.

Give them the Christmas energy you have rediscovered. Wherever you go, carry the love for yourself and others with you and exude the energy of Christmas. Peace, compassion, healing humour and respect, see the magic in the Christmas decorations, see the beautiful Christmas trees. See the adventure and the magic through your inner Christmas energy.

See through the eyes of the love of the essential Christmas energy, see all your surroundings as a part of the adventure of peace and magic, even though they struggle a little bit, even though they appear lost in the fog of fear. Be the energy of Christmas for those who have yet to merge consciously with it. No words, decorations or objects can replace the gift of compassion, simply sit there and see a world of Christmas energy, while some of the others are not quite able to see it. It does not matter who sees it, when they see it or exactly how they see it. A magic Christmas candle of self-love does not worry about the darkness, it simply shines its light and anchors in the true love of Christmas.

Christmas energy is eternal. Go outside and create this feeling constantly and eternally through all the seasons of nature. The twinkling stars in the sky are the decorations of the Christmas tree of the universe of love. Humans are the Christmas presents beneath the tree and there are presents for us to open all over the world! Open each other up and say; “thank you for that hug, thank you for your cheerful attitude, you made me cry! and thank you for the eternal Christmas gift that you are. “

Merry Christmas for ever, my dear friend, my dear Christmas Present Moment of Love.


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