The prayer of behaviour


You have expressed this many times my friend, but you underestimate your power. Love was never complicated, but shadows needed complicated systems, jungles of letters, scripts and rules behind which they could operate in your mind. Love is open, simple, and everyone gives nourishment to the garden of the collective consciousness of love, some a little bit, others more and more. There is no competition, as we are all are rooted in the same garden.

Never underestimate the prayer of behaviour of a hug. Darkness taught us to express modified gratitude, as long as we could make our false character appear morally acceptable. A pure exchange, a hug through the prayer of behaviour, radiating from love, compassion and interconnectedness, does not give the person something he or she did not have in advance, but the magical warmth of a hug can defrost the energy of the other, so that the energy of love from the universe can flood into the person’s life. A hug can inspire a person’s receptiveness, where before there was a blockage of loneliness.

Never underestimate the prayer of behaviour of a smile. Darkness taught us to express modified appreciation, as long as there were tactical social benefits that was to the advantage of the status of our false character. A pure smile is not a facade of kindness to counteract guilt, it is a prayer of behaviour from the heart, that bypasses biological family, gender, race, social status, religion, politics and every other false concept of the manufacturing of separation, loneliness and the tactics of divide and conquer. Whenever you smile to another, seemingly from another group, another set of values, you automatically heal the pathogen of separation that has haunted the minds of humans. It is much, much more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Forget about politics, religion and any other ineffective institution of the current frozen past timeline; by expressing the prayer of behaviour of a smile, unconditionally, from the overflow of your loving energy, you rewrite human history and heal the errors of the artificially frozen past.

Never underestimate the prayer of behaviour of communication. Darkness taught us to only communicate shallowly, navigating the negative surface of the stories of our false characters. False characters cannot communicate, they take turns as they spew up the meaningless details of their reality, exchanging the negativity of gossip and the escape into the conventional entertainment of celebrities and distorted news. When you visit your grandmother, or perhaps a friend or start connecting with the one sitting next to you in a coffee shop, there is a great potential for deep communication. Communication does not necessarily mean that you have to say anything. There are times when another wishes to share something, something deeper than the characters, and all you have to do is be there, truly Be there, as the representation of peace, patience and compassion. Some words might come out of your mouth, but you do not have to worry about saying something correct or smart, because one of the greatest gifts humans long for is to be listened to when they share from the depths of their being. A moment like this can change the life of another, without you being aware of it. There are many people on this planet that have never been listened to, their parents never had the time and their culture only taught shallow communications. The prayer of behaviour of communication is allowing the love of the creator to shine through you, as you say through your energy; “you may share the experience that has been frozen in the depth of your being, we have all the time in the world and you are worthy of being listened to”.

Instead of praying from the energy of a false character, you are the powerful energy that expresses the prayers of your brothers and sisters into form, through seemingly mundane human interactions. The prayer of behaviour of a hug, a smile or loving communication does not need a diploma, because the energy of love itself is the ultimate, eternal gift of the present moment.

Be happy and proud of the fact that you have expressed the prayer of behaviour into form, and will continue to do so, despite the temporary storms of negativity that shrieks loudly across the planet.

You are the loving saviour through the prayer of behaviour, and each and every human will defrost their hearts and live this simple and powerful truth.

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