The seed, the flower guide and the illusion of `aliens`



And then there was the seed that asked the flower guide about its inherent birth right to express itself from its particular blueprint of creation. The flower guide was present to demonstrate the next phase of the seed, so the flower guide simply translated its natural interaction with the realms of the air, soil, water and light, into words and sentences that encouraged the seed to enter the next phase.

We also have the realm of illusion that is driven by the production and identification with fear energy. Air, soil, water and light has quite effectively been replaced by fear. All the seeds have unconsciously freeze famed time into a linear, perpetual winter phase, and some seeds seem to be followers, others seem to be leaders. No one blooms because of the repetitive season of low temperature, and patterns of illusion have been repeated from generation to generation, so the natural blueprint of summer has been temporarily forgotten.

The cultural fear factory is apparently the only acceptable reality, confirmed by scriptures that manipulates the seeds to prolong their winter phase, individually and collectively. Direct and indirect unconscious laws such as; `you can never truly become a flower, but you must pay something to avoid seed hell, you should feel guilty for not becoming a flower, there is no such thing as summer, or; summer is only for the holy flowers, you must worship and be a good seed in order to avoid the wrath of the angry flower god`, and many other rules that are designed to make seeds produce and identify with fear energy.

As we are coming towards the end of playing with fear translated through the human form, consider this; the realms of air, soil, water and light are your star lineage of realms and beings, That You Are.

Your star lineage are the building blocks of timeless universal energy that makes up your eternal multidimensional body. The air is a part of you, not an alien to be afraid of. You have your core root in the soil of star energy, not beings that are angry with you. You let water flow through your system, as it flows through countless other forms, and it is your star lineage that you drink every day, not evil beings that will possess you. Beings of light shine through you, As You, and illuminates and injects life force into the star being that You Are.

There are no aliens. The star family that You Are, are playful building blocks that dances in and out of your temporary human form, and you can express yourself as any one of them, one by one or several expressions simultaneously. You can be a seed, a flower, or the air or water that dances in and out of many, many forms, endlessly, playfully, as the constant loving cycles of loving expression.

When you have finished studying illusions, you will deconstruct the fear machinery and naturally integrate the cycles of Dancing Star Beings. You cannot not Be a Star Being, playing with temporary forms, being One and playing with expressions of variations, As One.

Summer anyone?


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