The repetitious wizard


Once there were two wizards called Mr. Ding and Mr. Dong, that peeked around in different timelines, using a magical magnifying glass that they had created from a pile of old glasses. It was fun! They saw all sorts of civilizations, worlds and beings.

After a while, Mr. Ding peeked into a peculiar timeline and he discovered a particularly intriguing little wizard. “Mr. Dong! you have to take a look at this, it makes no sense whatsoever!”

The little wizard in this particular timeline seemed to be repetitious and quite mad. At first he had created a dark storm of thoughts, a thick storm of negative thoughts, that whispered “you are foul and weak!” Then he ran forwards and put a spell on himself that made him forget the whole thing, so when the storm approached him and enveloped him, he shrieked and whimpered, and tried to run away from it. Because of this, the storm grew thicker, and when he repeated the process, ran forwards, forgot the whole thing and became angry at the storm when it approached, it grew even thicker!

But, something different happened during the third attempt. The storm was pitch black at this point, the wizard ran forwards, forgot about everything, and eventually the fog enveloped him yet again. For some reason, even though he had forgot about the storm and revisited it without remembering anything, he seemed calmer and it appeared as if he let himself drown in it. Then; poof! The dark storm turned into light, and all that could be seen was a strong shimmer from a little ball of light, like a little sun.

“Ding Dong!” The two wizards with the magnifying glass looked at each other as they said simultaneously; “There is someone at the door!” They opened the door of their house, and there he was! It was the peculiar wizard they had been looking at, a few seconds ago.

They welcomed him and offered him some dandelion tea. When he was asked about the odd, repetitious behaviour, he replied; “Oh, I suppose it made no sense to you! but you see; the storm can only be released when one shines one’s light from within it. “

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