Is your country experiencing a sharp increase of violence?


This is actually a step forward towards the healing of the collective soldier personas, that have been energized and kept artificially alive by the organization of illusions, through creating wars.

World wars are quite necessary to maintain the level of trauma on the planet intact, and to ensure that there is always another war brewing, as the other side will always entertain certain levels of revenge. Darkness conducts this as a conductor of collective trauma storms and wars will be continually organized, as the soldier personas of the cultures are always projecting their inner trauma outward. All that is needed is to draw the focus of the blind humans towards a perceived common enemy, and at the snap of a finger, armies will invade another’s country and act out their organized collective projections. When it comes to the art of maintaining the human levels of fear, guilt and anger, this will be achieved on both sides of the war, regardless of the outcome of the war.

As world war three failed to manifest, another phase is at hand, when the soldier personas leak out their intense anger into their local communities, within their own countries. The hunger for war was not channelled outward towards another country, which means that the conductors of darkness, be it politicians or priests of some kind, failed to herd and guide the traumatized soldier personas of their culture.

Many young men are quite confused these days, as they have a lot of energy that seems to `boil` within them. The steps are very familiar to humans, as the individual countries and cultures always maintains the soldier persona of the men by; setting men up against women through the psychological and physical attacks of daily interactions, channelling anger into sports, entertainment and politics, regarding the masculine energy as a dark soldier rather than a foundation for peace, and many other conceptual distortions that keeps the momentum of trauma energized, year after year. What happens when these men are not regularly placed in the battlefields of organized war? The soldier persona increases their unconscious momentum of anger and starts to attack its surroundings. The energy that was saved up for war ends up being exploded outwards in a disorganized manner, as it is not meticulously guided by one particular distorted religious or political concept.

This phenomenon will initially increase, particularly in cultures that have been set up for world war three. But the increase of local violence will not last. Many, many humans of integrity and love will act as an inspiration for the release of dense traumatic energies, rather than targeting another culture through projection. There will be an increased amount of transparency regarding the trauma of war and how it is politically and religiously organized. People that are and have suffered from disorders after being in wars will be increasingly heard and honoured. Energetic soldier making will be investigated, understood and healed. People will talk together and see it clearly, without judgement.

The healing has begun. People across cultures will compare notes. The inherent undistorted priest-energies of conscious humans will inspire towards understanding and forgiveness, inspire to perceive the distorted energies behind symbols and inspire a vast amount of ideas that will create tools of peace.

Dear Soldier, do not carry the burden of guilt. You have been a part of an unconscious energetic wave movement that is coming towards an end. Forgiveness and understanding is one and the same energy. Understand that when you stop judging yourself for being a murderer, you enter a realm of love where the ideas of peace will come flooding towards you. Do not repress your feelings of guilt. Find communities that will understand the process you are going through and release your guilt. You are not alone. War is as old as the study of darkness, and billions of people have experienced it through all levels of suffering.

Dear human being, give your guilt away to the fire of conscious love and continue the embodiment of peace, that you have always been. Set yourself free, dear eternal bringer of Peace.

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