The apartment buildings


Normally, apartment buildings are very shy. They are patient and still. They never run around unless all the humans are sleeping in their beds. But quite recently, they have started taking risks, they have been observed running around with tears in their eyes, celebrating and hugging each other.

An owl overheard them talking to each other one night; “Mr. Smart Street! Mr. Smart Street! can you feel the people’s hearts! more and more are they becoming merged together, not in parts!”, “Oh yes! oh yes! Mrs. Pine Street! it is spreading everywhere! I can see it through my windows! through my walls and halls and chairs! love is here!”

Soon, more and more apartment buildings will turn into ships that can navigate the air, and even space itself. This is a deep secret that no one knows about. When all the people in an apartment building merge their loving hearts, they can use their thoughts to navigate the building as a ship. They can enjoy sightseeing, study other places or transport other types of beings around the planet, as a sort of tourist ship.

Whenever you smile to your neighbour, you are one step closer to this experience.

Don’t you know that Love is magic?

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