A dancing flame in the sky


There had been peace and light on the planet for centuries. All the various poisons had been cleansed from all the various beings that resided there, including the planet itself. Everything was clear, there were smiles everywhere and the ages of heaviness seemed like a distant fog in a blurry dream.

But the lessons, all the different experiences of gravity, were certainly kept in the records. They described the phases when their ancestors carried the weight of heaviness and the characters it produced. The children, who all grew up in peace, could not immediately link up to what their elders told them about the experiences of suffering. The images were there for all to see, for all to be reminded of, but the achievements of their ancestors were so great, that many children could hardly believe what they saw and what they were told.

One blessed evening a little girl is ready for her bedtime story. Her father smiles as he transfers a sequence of mental images to her. Usually she falls asleep after a few minutes, but this particular story intrigued her. Her beautiful deep ocean blue eyes were wide open and a tear slides down her cheek. The tear reflected the evening sunbeams and shined like a diamond. The images that touched the child was of an ancient civilization that started to build a society with love and truth, even though they had suffered immensely for thousands of years.

The little girl asked her father; “why did they suffer so much? “ Her father paused and looked in to her eyes, well aware that her potential was not to underestimate. The parents of that world knows very well that although they may seem inferior, their children inhabit a wisdom just as great as their mother and father, if not even greater.

Her father then replies; “because they forgot who they were…, they thought they were separate from the source. “The girl jumped up and was increasingly trembling through the emotions that came with the images. “But…, how could they kill each other? “, she shouted. Her father calmed her down. “You do not have to enter the emotions, my precious girl, just look and see how they behaved…, just look as long as you want to…, and remember; these beings lived through different emotions as if it was their daily existence.”

The girl navigated back to her light essence and continued to look. Then she asked; “How could they build a society with love when they were in so much pain? “, “Because they were very strong and they never stopped believing, and after thousands of years they remembered what they had forgotten; that there is nothing to fear…, they are called `the students of heaviness…, ` and they chose to become what they were studying.”

The girl sat down in her bed, in awe of what her distant relatives had achieved. She looked at her father as the most wonderful smile came upon her lips. “I did not know what they had done for us…, I did not know that they were the ones that created peace! “The child became silent. Her father sat by her side. They shared the silence for a while.

“Can I light a candle for them…? I want to thank them…, can I…?, “she erupted. Her father brought a white candle with a dancing flame. The child jumped around in her bed, filled with anticipation. She held the candle with both hands while she pictured what she had seen; the Earth in turmoil and strife with all its sad faces. She held the candle firmly and trembled as she looked upon her courageous ancestors.

“Thank you! thank you! “, she shouted, while another tear rolled down her cheek. “Thank you for being so strong! thank you! I love you! “, she shouted.

I the year 1917, during one of many, many wars on Earth, a soldier is about to shoot his enemy. He holds his weapon with both hands, trembling violently, and is reluctant to pull the trigger. As he is standing in the scene of a horrific battlefield, surrounded by bloody corpses, he suddenly hears a voice. It is a child`s voice. The soldier looks up towards the clear sky and listens to the child.

“Thank you! thank you for being so strong! “

His enemy then takes advantage of the hesitance, steals the weapon, and shoots the trembling soldier. The young soldier, with his deep ocean blue eyes, dies with a curious smile on his lips, looking at a dancing flame in the sky.

“Thank you for being so strong! thank you! I love you!”

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