Anger-roles and victim-roles are the protectors of suffering


It is important to notice that the false priest energy is not exclusively channelled through distorted religious institutions, but also through the political, spiritual, educational, and media institutions. It is practical to constantly shower the unconscious people with `reminders` that will encourage identification with the established roles of `the game of repressed suffering` and the projections that keeps the `solutions` forever externally unapproachable. In short; the one that attempts to address the energetic condition of his reality interpretations externally, rather than addressing the root which lingers internally, will search in vain. The distorted priest energy organizes the external searching into groups, where they can search externally in a collective manner, by looping around the shallow rituals of their particular concepts. Distorted texts, symbols and artefacts are thusly a form of `reality carrot` that can never truly be consumed.

The ones with a victim-role type of shadow identification in their `personal reality system` will find a home amongst a horde of similar roles, behind the shallow clothing’s of their religious, spiritual or whatever community they find a shelter in. What are they essentially protected from? They are temporarily `protected` from taking full responsibility for their energetic condition. This is the most important thing regarding the construction of an individual victim-role and also the collective organization of victim-roles. The `protection` from taking responsibility for their reality is at the centre of all unconscious clusters, regardless of the name of their conceptual shelter.

Driven by guilt, the hordes of victim-roles visit their buildings with their symbols and artefacts, and listens to the leader of their cluster, that confirms the separateness of their group, in relation to other groups, confirms shallow roles and rules that defines the conceptual borders between men and women, children, generations, race, appearance and whatever it takes to confirm the illusion of borders between humans. It is not absolutely important, to the victim-role, to actually grasp the `meaning` of the scripts of their particular conceptual cluster, as long as it is accepted within the cluster, as long as it can wear the same costumes as the rest of the cluster and as long as it can mindlessly repeat parts of, or perhaps even the entire repertoire of the texts of their beliefs; as the most important thing is to counteract the eerie, unprocessed feeling of guilt and loneliness, by `hanging around` other members of the group at certain times and in certain places.

Large and small unconscious reality clusters are driven by the energy of loneliness, not the energy of loving unity. The victim-roles are driven from priest to symbol, to text, to artefact, again and again in a loop of repetition, like a ghost that haunts the illusory concepts of its unconscious interpretations.

The anger-roles are slightly different than the victim roles, and will quite naturally be placed in a more direct `gatekeeper of suffering role` to protect through anger and attack. This is the art of `demonstrative illusory border definitions`. In the realm of illusion and separateness, one cannot be properly defined as a group unless one has enemies that is of less quality than the group one represents. The anger-roles defends the `rightness` of its cluster and the `wrongness` of the other groups that represents other concepts. This role is loud and is always attacking because of the explosive nature of its repressed energetic condition. Rather than letting the eruptions happen through allowing space for it to express itself and thereby neutralizing it, it explodes repeatedly, translated through the attack and defence of its role and of its group, as the explosion is directed towards an external target, before it yet again represses the large, painful inner energy of vulnerability, which the unconscious explosion is protecting. In other words; the anger-role protects its inner layer of extreme vulnerability by utilizing a secondary layer of explosion, but instead of perceiving the vulnerability and the attack as an illusion, it believes that the feeling of vulnerability corresponds to the vulnerability of its conceptual cluster, and the attack is the defending of the definition and beliefs of its conceptual cluster, be it a religious one or a spiritual one.

The behavioural patterns of the victim-role and the anger-role can be used as an observational window to scan conceptual clusters of any kind. Tools of the concepts of religion, spirituality, politics and education will be restored to its practical, creative and loving nature when the pathogens of unconscious roles have been weeded out.

Thank you dear `darkness` for organizing the illusions to such a meticulous degree, so that we can trace the unconscious patterns back to their roots in people’s energetic conditions, observe them neutrally and thereby disidentifying from them.

We have always had darkness in the palm of our hand, but we forgot it. Now that we are waking up to this fact, we will use darkness as an observational tool of `Who We Are Not`, and thereby allowing the energy of `What We Have Always Been`, to consciously wash and merge with our reality, as love and through Love.

The ultimate healing from darkness is through the gratitude for its demonstration.

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