The hamster wheel of identification with illusion


Darkness will offer distorted perceptions of love in order to preserve the dense energy of fear. It will offer the possibility of investment into protection. Protection is a thick shell that envelops and protects the energy of fear, rather than releasing it. The human will then preserve the fear it desires to release, thereby blocking the possibility of release.

Another distorted perception is attack. The human being has unconsciously preserved the fear through the defence of the shell, but darkness will also offer the possibility of attack, as the preservation of the dense energy of fear leads to inner pressure, and thereby bursts of anger. The inner pressure is always there, latent and ready to burst, and darkness will carefully explain what sort of enemies one must release the burst of energy towards, be it a family member or a `foreigner`.

The organization of the illusion of protection explains who or what one must protect oneself from. The organization of the illusion of attack explains who or what one must attack. Darkness explains; “This is the reason for your fear and this is the reason for your anger.”

The distorted perception of happiness, relaxation or entertainment, is used to numb the feeling of fear so that it is indistinguishable from inner peace. Darkness offers the release of `escape` through excessive uses of poisons and external distractions. Darkness explains; “You deserve something good after all that hard work and all those challenging situations.” In truth, it is the energy of darkness itself; fear, that distorts and makes life heavy and painful, not life in and of itself, but if one believes the perception of darkness, one will hold on to the fear whilst simultaneously attempting to escape it through the numbing of distractions.

The hamster wheel of identification with illusion is thusly energized by the great protectors of suffering; unconscious humans.

What does love have to offer? Love is absolute and simply awaits your allowance. When fear presents itself through a situation, love explains; “You may release the energy of fear as it has nothing to do with the situation.”

When fear is experienced, darkness explains; “identify!” while love explains; “release!”


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