Reality Toys


As the total identification with illusion requires an imprisoned, traumatized child, locked behind the bars of blind humans, the natural skills of magic and creativity has been temporarily lost in a fog of darkness.

The fear machinery is simple; the inner child is paralyzed by fear, the distorted inner mother energy binds it by manipulation and the distorted inner father energy binds it by intimidation.

When humans resurrect themselves from fear, the inner child can relax again and automatically starts to create. This energy is quite misunderstood and severely underestimated by the world of darkness. This child plays with concepts like, religion, health, mathematics, healing and many, many more reality toys.

These days they are seen more and more, as they dip dirty letters into cleansing water and reconstruct concepts. The letters were so dirty, filled with rust, dust, blood and poisons, so they had to wash them before they could start to play with them.

When they were imprisoned in a false adult avatar body, they were forced to play with dirty letters. They made distorted concepts that bound their brothers and sisters to dark clouds.

In and through the present moment they are playing with cleansed letters and concepts, that inspire the eternal energy of Love. They are playing with blueprints that they themselves will benefit from when they come into future human bodies as the children of their children.

Let`s play!


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