Rewrite painful memories by inserting the true parent of light into the scene



When you have stabilized your identification with light, you have acknowledged that you essentially are your own father and mother energy, which lives in your heart. This enables you to rewrite memories by injecting the true parent energy into the scene of a painful interaction.

There was a time when you searched for an external mother or father in human form, that were not ready to mirror that energy back to you. As you can replay the scene vividly in your mind, you are travelling back to the past to alter the final outcome. You no longer accuse your human parents; you simply see that they could not give you that which you can only give to yourself. They were not ready to be conscious parents, so you travel back into the scene and become the parent of both individuals. Say; “I have healed my inner child and I have travelled back to the past to heal the judgement of my unconscious parents.” “I have healed myself in the future and I hereby rewrite and release any emotional trauma from the past, and this is all happening in The Eternally Loving Present Moment.”

When you know who you truly are, which is Love and Light, you become the parent of your parents, if they are still unconsciously trapped in fear. Let them have their periodical tantrums, filtered through their particular cultural scripts, and teach them balance by demonstrating that you are peaceful and without judgement, even if they are not quite there yet.

You are the perfect mother and father in and of yourself.


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