Become a conscious volunteer of light


Do you perceive yourself as a lonely being, living in a narrow box? That is because you have forgotten that there is a vacant position waiting for you, as a volunteer of light, and you may start to work as a bridge-being at any moment.

At first you must open the box you have trapped yourself in. The box will then be transformed into an unwrapped present. You unwrapped the present by giving yourself as a gift to the world. You give yourself to whoever manifests a gift of light.

When you are unwrapped you say to the world; “I offer myself as the gift of light to anyone who is willing to allow love into their life.”

A bridge-being is much needed as there is continuously someone who passes from their physical self into their pure light-self. Some have called it `dying`, but more and more people will call it `travelling through the rooms of love. `

When you sit quietly, at peace, in your chair or perhaps you are lying in your bed, getting ready for sleep, imagine yourself as yellow bridge waiting to be called upon by anyone who wishes to use it. Soon the bridge flies off! Someone is ready to travel. When the bridge is close to the being that is leaving their physical body, you can see that the bridge will naturally position itself between the physical body and a portal of light. At this point you may say a few words to orient the traveller.

“This is a bridge to the realm of eternal light. As you move across it you will meet everyone that you love, because you are loving yourself across the bridge of love.“

Some persons are a little bit confused when they leave their body, so when you say these words to them, and exude the energy of light, they will move across the bridge without resistance.”

When they have crossed over, you finish the bridge-making by expressing gratitude to everyone.

“Thank you for moving across the energy of light, As the light, because when you let me be the bridge upon which you cross, I can and will transfer the love of bridge-making into my daily life and free myself from the narrow box of darkness.“

And so it is. Everyone is honoured for their choice of love. You return to your chair or bed, and continue your life in physical form. You have remembered that a box can be transformed into a present. You know that you can unwrap yourself. When you give yourself as a gift of light, you give yourself to yourself, no matter who crosses the bridge.

There is no such thing as a lonely bridge.

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