The negative worshipping of biological parents

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Many humans continue these tendencies until their parents depart their bodies. It is the fruitless effort of healing the dense emotional condition of their father or mother, or both, through the offering of material gifts and shallow compliments at a certain date. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and other organized materialistic gift sharing events are supposed to represent love.

If there has been healing in a collective biological cluster, these tendencies will evaporate, and the sharing of material gifts is then without perceived energetic debt, it is simply a celebration of life.

As humans have intensely studied illusions, the simplicity and play of sharing gifts have more than often been reduced to the worship of a perpetually displeased false patriarch, false matriarch or both. Every year is filled with dates of offerings and worship, as one is forced to buy a thing and give it to the biological parent to confirm the validity of a shallow relationship. If one neglects to buy a thing and offer it as a sign of obedience, the repercussions can be extremely harsh as verbal and even physical punishment could be utilized as a controlling mechanism.

Each and every human will eventually heal themselves, as this is the only way of raising the consciousness through free will and non-interference. You cannot heal your parents with material gifts. You are not in debt to them. It is not your fault that they never seem to enjoy life, and you have probably already seen that these material offerings that are given year after year, does not make them happy anyway. It is a part of a system of worship that results in the recycling of pain. You have seen it everywhere in your culture through various forms of interpretation.

The next time you find yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by biological family members that are temporarily invested in lower vibrations, set yourself free in your mind and heart. You can do it Now. Lovingly observe the patterns of that dimension while you have freed yourself from believing that it is the truth. Your family relations are not driven by the mechanics of false worship anymore when you have freed yourself of the energetic debt that you once thought you owed your parents. One day they will heal themselves. You can stop saving them Now.

You are the gift, a shining, loving present, and every single day you give yourself anew, when they cannot see you, you still shine behind them, as you honour their dark canvas through which you shine your truth.

Shine Your Silent Smile Star Child.

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