Slay the illusory monster

The shadow lives in the nooks and crannies of your disorganized thoughts. If you run from negative thoughts, it is because you think that the thoughts that represents the feeling of weakness are true. When you attack or defend against thoughts of judgement, you believe that you must defend the secret, that the judgment is […]

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The apartment buildings

Normally, apartment buildings are very shy. They are patient and still. They never run around unless all the humans are sleeping in their beds. But quite recently, they have started taking risks, they have been observed running around with tears in their eyes, celebrating and hugging each other. An owl overheard them talking to each […]

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A dancing flame in the sky

There had been peace and light on the planet for centuries. All the various poisons had been cleansed from all the various beings that resided there, including the planet itself. Everything was clear, there were smiles everywhere and the ages of heaviness seemed like a distant fog in a blurry dream. But the lessons, all […]

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