Doctor Doom and the two snowmen

Who will be deemed fit to merge with the old paradigm; the depressed snowman or the multidimensional snowman? Both are sitting in front of the gatekeeper of the culture; Doctor Doom, and each of them will present their perception of themselves, before the doctor gives his verdict. The depressed snowman explains; “I am going to […]

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The builder of the houses of fear and love

Is it possible for one man to build two houses at the same time? Normally we would say; “no!” but this actually happened to a master builder. He found a beautiful place near the forest and started to build the foundation. While he was digging in the soil and constructing the foundation, he thought about […]

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Slay the illusory monster

   The shadow lives in the nooks and crannies of your disorganized thoughts. If you run from negative thoughts, it is because you think that the thoughts that represents the feeling of weakness; are true. When you attack or defend against thoughts of judgement, you believe that you must defend the secret, that the judgment […]

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How to ensnare the mind of a `lightworker`

  How to ensnare the mind of a `lightworker` The label `lightworker` offers the potential of a description, but it is the energetic state of the human or group that determines the behaviour or the vibration, that operates behind the label or the concept of the `lightworker`. One of the myths of the `lightworker` is […]

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Welcome home bitch!

  Welcome home bitch! The bus driver smells like vodka and cheap pot, as he relentlessly tries to conjure up some sort of programmed conversation; sports, stupid jokes and meaningless chatter. If he knew the pitch-black state of my mind and the sharpness of the knife I carry under my fluffy coat, perhaps he would […]

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Parenting is not as simple as it used to be…

A daddy says to his child; “Oh, you are so cute and you look just like your father, you have my temperament and my good looks, in fact, it is almost like you are a copy of me! ha-ha! and you are going to be a lawyer just like your daddy, and you are going […]

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The national exorcist and the eternal energy of the indigenous

What sort of energy lingers behind the flag of your nation? Does it speak about the power and triumph of slaughter? Does it draw up its borders carefully, looking angrily around for another enemy? Perhaps another sort of energy will linger behind the symbols and songs of your country in the future, conveying stories and […]

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Rather than criticize politicians, become their parents and guide them

There are two gardens in the collective consciousness of humanity, one of fear and the other of love. We have created the garden of unconsciousness through projecting our fear, again and again, until it has a certain momentum of fear energy. The garden of love has always been there, but it was temporarily veiled by […]

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